Although this was a simple game project for C++ practice, I ended up exploring how I could improve the game. My first instinct was to think about affordance and feedback. Everyone love sound effects... right? Right. As I was brainstorming about the things I could do, I came up with a list of ideas.

  1. Paddle can increase width by obtaining power up.

  2. Paddle can decrease width when opponent obtains a 'power down'.

  3. Ball will fade in and out.

  4. Ball will wrap around the Y-axis when moving towards the edge.

  5. Player controls can be flipped when the confuse power down is obtained by the opponent.

With idea 3, I'll need to have some way for user to 'see' the ball when the velocity is going too fast. A way for them to 'see' something that is invisible. On every collision with the paddle or the Y-axis, the ball would change color and play a sound.


Yeah! This guy from BattleBlock Theater!

Sounds good so far, right? But its missing something... Something, annoying. I needed to add a personal touch to this game that screams out, hey! Its made by me!

I recall the time when I played BattleBlock Theater, there was a moving platform that made a strange noise when someone jumped on it. What if I put a moving box in the middle, whose sole purpose of existence was to be annoying, and makes annoying noises when hit?

Probably not a good idea, but it sure would be funny!

And, Annoying Box was born. That's the pink thing in the picture on the right. He will also wink at you when you hit him with the ball.