Knot Me!

I wore many hats on this project. I was the only programmer, though I also worked on many many MANY other things. (Version control, conducting play tests, level design, metrics, game design, and much more). Though one of the things that I've done I was the most proud of was creating the tools for the team. In an extremely short amount of time (6 months) that we had to make Knot Me!, I had to create a lot of tools to speed up the development process. Here's one of my favourite tool that also happens to be the favourite tool of our narrative designer!

Dialogue Library & Manager

With HUNDREDS of dialogue lines for our characters we needed some tool that allow us to add new lines quickly. Every dialogue line consisted more than a sentence. We need to know who is talking, what their voice line file reference is, what the dialogue line is, and how long that line should be displayed in order to do... well, this.


So how did we do it? With the help of the dialogue library of course! Below are the actual scripts used in the game.

Dialogue Library

Dialogue Manager