Check out some of my projects below.

Running Hamzards

(Spring 2020)

Running Hamzards is a multiplayer co-op game. The team of hamster wizards must work together to carry the unstable potion to the end of the stage. 

This game was made in Unity, in a team of five.

Role : Programmer, Game Designer, Level Designer, particle effects

  • Implemented Networking Back End.

  • Implemented the Three C's.

  • Created multiple particle effects.

  • Designed levels in stage.

  • Designed main game loop.

Other Team Members:

Fatyma Camacho - Art Designer

Mengran Jiang - Character Art Designer

Janelynn Camingue - Sound Designer, Producer, UI designer, level designer

Ruonan Chen - Programmer

A Test of Metal

A Test of Metal was the very first game from scratch that I made alone back in 2016 summer within three weeks time frame. It is a 3D platforming game where you will play as ATM, the robot, who is trying to escape from the facility imprisoning him.

This game was made using the Panda3D engine, programmed in Python.

Presidential Tweet Analysis 

This is a project of 3 in Spring 2016, with the intent to predict the winner of the presidential election. Using Twitter's Streaming API, we gathered about 7.5 million tweets relating to the presidential election at the time. The tweet data is recorded into our data base after giving it a sentiment score. The idea was using the sentiment score of each tweet record, we should be able to tell which candidate is favored by the people. We used elastic search & Kibana for our data analysis.

Data acquisition programmed in Java, data munging done using Python.

The Big D team

Edward Hsu - Implementation of sentiment scoring algorithm, data acquisition, data mining, data munging.

Other group members:

Luis Fisher - Data acquisition, data munging, data-to-elastic-search conversion.

Andrew Garcia - Data munging, data mining.

Let's get the Ball out of Dodge

This game was made in a team of four. It is a two player strategy game where both teams have to get their units to the finish line while keeping the rules of dodge ball in mind. 

This game was made using Unity, programmed in C#.

Role: Game Programmer, Git Master

  • Programmed the main game play scene, and UI.

  • Imported textures, animations, and sound files into game.

  • Git repository management.

Other team members:

Jason Tsai - Game Programmer

Mengran Jiang - Art Designer

Quinn Barker-Plummer - UI Programmer, Sound


Yi Zhao - Art Designer

Photometric Walkthrough Lighting Simulation

This was the CSULA undergrad capstone project in Fall 2016 with team of three for Optic Arts. This is a mobile application designed to allow user to create an empty room, add LED lighting strips, render the lights, and calculate the calculation point(light intensity at a specific point) throughout the room. App made with Unity, C#.

Role: Requirements Lead, Architecture, Design Lead, Git Master

  • Implemented project foundation framework within Unity.

  • Designed and Implemented UI

  • Implemented LED lightning strip point to point placement through touchscreen.

  • Git repository management.

Other members:

Marcus Hernandez: Project Lead, Customer Liaison Lead, Documentation Lead

Edgar Galindo: Component Lead, QA Lead.

Myth of Vigur

This is a serious game made with the intent to teach basic Icelandic language for kids. The game teaches them how to read, and write in Icelandic. Project built with Unity, on Android platform.

Role: Gameplay programmer, Back-end programmer, UI Designer, Game Designer

  • Implemented word arranging mini game.

  • Implemented & designed data structure.

  • Implemented UI functionality.

Other members:

Fatyma Camacho: Character Artist, UI Artist, Art Lead

Delong Du: Background Concept Art

Rutul Thakkar: Gameplay programmer

Nick Banducci: Sound Designer, Narrative Designer

Janelynn Camingue: Research Lead

(Touchpad required.)
Alpaca Lunch

(Winter 2020)

A small serious game that aims to teach American children from age 4~8 food categories and different effects on the body for various type of food consumption.

Project made in Unity.

Role: Gameplay programmer, Backend programmer

  • Implemented game functionality.

  • Implemented data structure.

Other members:

Yu-ying Chen: Art designer

Ruizhe Tang: UI programmer, Gameplay programmer

Janelynn Camingue: Research lead

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